Freitag, 8. Dezember 2017

We're back :)

Hello, we are the Tansania-AG. We have new studens, who want to tell something about themself. Let´s start:
Hey! My name is Hanna and i´m 16 years ols. I live in a small village, named Ommersheim and called Ommerschen. I like riding a horse and going to Partys. My favourit food is Pizza. My Parents broke up when I was 3 years. Now I live in a flat with my mum.

Hello, i´m Isabell an i live in Saarbrücken, called Saarbrooklyn. I´m living in a small village with 3000 habitents. My hobby´s are riding a horse. My own Horse called „Askur“ it´s a Islandic Pony. My another hobby is play piano and dancing. I´m 16 years old and my best friend is Hanna. I have a big family, also two brothers Maxi (17 years old) Manuel (36 years old). My mom and my dad are really cool and I love them.

Hello my Name is Kimberly. I´m 15 years old and i live in Ensheim, called Ensm. My hobby is shopping my favourit subjects are Maths and P.E. My Parents are divorced. I live with my Mum. My best friend is Lea. Last year i rode a horse named „Montana“.

Hey, my name is Hannah and i am 16 years old. I live in Ensheim too.I play football with my team 1. FC Saarbrücken. We play in the premier league. After every second schoolday i go tot he football training. It´s very hard and sometimes you cry because of pain, but if the training is over you will be proud of yourself. That´s why i love to play football an all the hard trainings. School isn´t easy for me. Because of all the training, i havn´t mutch time to learn or do homeworks for school.

Hey, my name is Lea. I am 16 years old and i´m living in Erfeiler-Ehlingen, called Erfwilla. My hobby is shopping and meet my friends. My best friend is Kimberly.My favourit subjects are P.E. and german. My Mom is 38 years old and her name is Jenny. My dad is 42 years old and his name is Andy. My little brothers are Lukas and Fynn which 14 an 2 years old. And my little sister Mia is 4 years old.

Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2017

Recycling Projekt

In the school we have made a recycling-art-projekt. Here are the results :)

Dienstag, 21. März 2017


Hallo mein Name ist Maurizio, ich freue mich auf unsere gemeinsame Zusammenarbeit.


Hallo mein Name ist Leonie und ich freue mich drauf, mich mit euch zu kommunizieren.

Dienstag, 31. Januar 2017

We have a new background image in the blog.

Fedany Shaker painted it, a refugee girl from Syria who has been teaching at our school for about a year.

Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2017

A few pictures of beautiful handwork!
The A-level students doing
cleanliness and planting flowers near the office in their after class uniforms.

A few impressions from

This is

The A level students (only ladies lives at school)
 aged between 17-20

The o level studens aged 13-18
(these are day  schoolers and they are boys and girls)

Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2017

More answers...

Many would like to be doctors or engineers. Very few would like to be teachers.

Some classes  have about 45 to 80 students at ago,even more!.This is because some schools have more students that their accommodation capacity. We still struggle with resources in most schools. Children start school at 6 or 7 years old, that is primary Education. Primary Education takes 7 years. They system is 7-4-2-3+ Primary 7,Secondary 4, High School 2, University 3 years to 5 according to the course you take. Doctors take 5 years. Most eat rice, beans,ugali(stiff porridge) that is made from maize flour.Boiled bananas too.We eat also beef,pork, goat meat and sheep. There is also fish and vegetables like carrot,spinach, avocado etc. We have fruits like mangoes, oranges, bananas(yellow-ripe)...,pawpaws, watermelon, cucumber,etc.

Most live in villages, very normal life, simple houses. Very few can afford cars. Electricity is a challenge. Water supply not reliable even in towns!


Dear students.

It was really nice to see you on video. So confident students.

Thank you for nice questions. Please ask more if you have. You could also share with us as well about your schools just like what I explained.

I am using the experience I have about our schools to answer some of the questions.

  1. Going to school depends on where the school is. Some secondary schools are far and others near. We have ward secondary schools where students go to study. Most are day secondary schools and are for both girls and boys. These are public schools. We have also private secondary schools which are either boarding schools or day schools. In some places students ride bicycles to schools. Others walk to school. They can walk for about an hour sometimes, those who live the farthest. Others take public transport to school. Most schools have classrooms and administration block.Secondary school have years 1-4, we call them form one,two, three and form four.After form four, they join form 5 and 6, then university. We have a number of universities in Tanzania.Every form has a classroom...sometimes streams, that is form One A,B and C. The school have 400 students minimum and 800 students maximum. The buildings can have about 10 rooms altogether.There are also big schools with dormitories,laboratories and dining halls.
  2. The subjects taught are Mathematics,English,Physics,Biology,Chemistry,Civics,History,Geography,Kiswahili, Book Keeping and Commerce. The subjects are taught in English except our National Language, Kiswahili.
  3. Many students would like to explore Germany and also have an exposure. They love Europe in general especially when they hear that Germany  is developed and among the countries with the best economy.
  4. They like Tanzanian culture.They would like to experience other cultures too.Few can afford tv so they watch western movies, sport and music. They support some teams in Europe and watch Bundesliga, Premier League etc.
  5. The national Language is Kiswahili.
  6. In the week end most stay at home helping parents with house work like cleanliness. In villages, they help in farms.Others whose families have shops, they help selling things in shops or at market.Very few read books because the culture of reading is below average.They also can't easily access books especially story books. They revise mostly academic books.
  7. They go to school on Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday and Friday. Saturday and Sunday no school. The school begins at 7.00am and ends at 3.30pm
  8. Many students like music and games/sport.

I will write more soon.

Best wishes